According to Emerging Markets Online, the global market for biodiesel is poised for explosive growth in the next ten years. In the USA, the market for biodiesel is growing at an alarming rate. Biodiesel consumption in the U.S. grew from 25 million gallons per year in 2004 to 78 million gallons in 2005 and 300 million gallons in 2006. Production reached approximately 750 million gallons in 2007, and continues to grow.

Demand for biodiesel in the U.S. has grown so fast that the seventy or so existing major biodiesel plants are barely able to keep up. To meet this demand, over fifty new, larger-scale plants are in construction and are expected to come online by 2008. Not only will these fifty plants more than double the U.S. production capacity, but the size and production volumes of the new plants are much bigger on average.

Catallowyst is developing a new type of reusable catalyst based on inexpensive and environmentally friendly materials. Laboratory results show that this catalyst has the potential to revolutionize the way biodiesel is made. By using our catalyst, manufactures can reduce the number of manufacturing steps while improving yields and gaining better control over their process, thus realizing significant saving in both time and money.

Initial product offerings will be targeted towards the biodiesel catalyst market, currently valued in excess of $100 million. Later efforts will be focused on partnering with and licensing of core technology to larger energy concerns. We have filed for patent protection covering the core technology though the University of California.