US National Biodiesel Board
The source for biodiesel production in the United States.

The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
This group strives to educate Canadians about Biodiesel and Ethanol.

British Association for Bio Fuels and Oils
Publicizes the use of alternative fuels including Biodiesel in the UK.

Biodiesel Association of Australia
Australia's biodiesel trade group.

Biodiesel International BDI
Group in Austria touting Biodiesel's use there.

Diesel Trade Magazines
Listing of different trade magazines dealing with Diesel fuel.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Main site for EERE. Has links to several sections.

EERE Biomass Website
US Government's Official portal on the web for biofuels, including Biodiesel.

EERE FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Program
Information on research for alternative fuels in the transportation area.

EERE's Biodiesel Site
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy section discussing Biodiesel.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Research lab that investigates renewable energy.

NREL's Biomass site
Information on research being done on biomass as alternative fuels. Biodiesel is one of the fuels being studied.

NREL's Advanced Vehicles & Fuels Research site
Links to projects, information, and research the lab is doing on the transporation front.

NREL PDF "Guide on Basics of Biodiesel"
Published as a guide on the basics of Biodiesel by the US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory in May 2000.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory-Environmental Sciences Division Conducts research on environmental issues, including biofuels.

US EPA Biodiesel Emission Analysis
Comprehensive analysis of emissions from Biodiesel when used in a diesel engine.

Biodiesel Performance, Costs, and Use
Put together by the Energy Information Administration.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update
The Energy Information Administration monitors gas & diesel prices in the US. See just how high diesel prices are, updated weekly.